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  New White Dwarf and Fantasy

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Event Grot

Event Grot

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 New White Dwarf and Fantasy Empty
PostSubject: New White Dwarf and Fantasy    New White Dwarf and Fantasy EmptyWed Jul 27, 2011 1:52 pm

Well now Fantasy has gotten nice things this time around!

New Vampire Counts Stuff!

New Zombie Dragon! New Giest monster( it looks very good!)

The New Banshee and Wriath Look very nice... a big FU to Fine Cast when GW can Produce good single plastics.

Oh and a big shocker a Daemons Battle Force fro Fantasy/ 40K need to see price before it is a deemed a good value or not.

And last but not the Least.... Wait for it!

Ogers are coming a month Early! Ogertember!

New Oger Army book out next month With a new Plasitc beasty!

This leaves to question what is in september... Crons... Spec. Games... Flying Butt Monkeys that roll a 2+ on a D6 and win any game you play with them?

We will jus thave to wait and See!

Event Grot
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New White Dwarf and Fantasy
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