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 New White Dwarf and the Sisters of Battle

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New White Dwarf and  the Sisters of Battle Empty
PostSubject: New White Dwarf and the Sisters of Battle   New White Dwarf and  the Sisters of Battle EmptyWed Jul 27, 2011 1:41 pm

Ok New White Dwarf Time!

First off... New Sisters of Battle Codex Part 1

initial thoughts- GW did it they Nerf'd a 3rd edition Codex.

Second look- After looking the dex up and down right and left i have come to think the dex is still a nerf but not as bad as first though.

Few things that just irk me-

I) 6++ invul.? Really that will save less then 20% of the time, leared from my TK that a 6+ is not worth it.

II) Faith is still random x2... you now roll for how many points you get and for if the power goes off. ( why don't we ask SM players to roll to see if Combat tactics and Know no Fear can work every turn)

III) Matt Ward wrote part of it and he is, hold on let me get my best kindergarten voice, A BIG FAT STUPID HEAD!!!!

Now there is more i can nit pick but let me divert for a second.

As i sound like the sky if falling... I will still play my girls! i dont care how bat they make them. I will play them and i will have fun because this is a game and that is what it is all about!

There are also a few good things out there in this dex...

I) PE have suedo blood talons for free and that always work...

II) the Exorcist look the same...

III) This is only part one of the Dex, part two comes out next month. So far points values haven't been seen nor has the war gear.
If the points ar lowered and the gear is good this dex might be viable. Not top teir but playable.

We will just have to Wait and See.

As for other news look into the Warhammer fantasy News section.
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New White Dwarf and the Sisters of Battle
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