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 Storm of Magic Mega Battle

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Event Grot

Event Grot

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Storm of Magic Mega Battle Empty
PostSubject: Storm of Magic Mega Battle   Storm of Magic Mega Battle EmptyThu Jul 14, 2011 10:50 pm

Hey all,

Just looking to see how many people would be interested in a WFB Storm of Magic Mega Battle.

Idea would be,

Each player brings 1000 point force,

Must have a Lvl 4 Caster as General, points % will be raised to 50% of list for Lord Choice
(Dwarves and other none castery armies must take SoM listed Lord)

Rest of the 1000 points will be spent on a body guard/ army, normal restrictions apply

Each player will receive and extra 250pts to spend on monsters and magic from SoM book.

Each player must bring an arcane fulcrum for thier caster.

Depending on amount of players, even teams will made and a large game of SoM will go off.

No entree fee, Early sign up suggested.

So if you are intested let me know and i'll plan this out... if not well let me know as well.

Event Grot
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Storm of Magic Mega Battle
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