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 Chapter Master takes a trip to Statesboro, Ga

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Chapter Master Christian
Chapter Master Christian

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Chapter Master takes a trip to Statesboro, Ga Empty
PostSubject: Chapter Master takes a trip to Statesboro, Ga   Chapter Master takes a trip to Statesboro, Ga EmptyMon Aug 01, 2011 4:59 pm

Well...after begging, pleading, bribery, and a few favors that will remain nameless....the wife let me go to Statesboro yesterday to participate in the 2500 Ard Boyz Practice Tournament. So after getting directions a few times, I found my way to Galactic Comics and Games.

Seeing a few familiar faces that play at Morning Star as well, and having a few laughs, we started the tournament. Now I not going to give away peoples list here, so I will just get a brief overview on the games.

I brought Dark Eldar to the tournament

Round 1
Opponent: Mike
Army: Eldar

Mike is new to the game, this being his first tournament. His list was a mix of mech and foot-logging eldar. I think he was fielding borrowed models as well. He was a great guy, but as we all remember starting out, its going to be a painful road. I stole init, and just kept his vehicles stunned, allowing my units to assault over and over. In the end he only killed one unit of Scourges and a few Trueborn. I tabled him on turn 4, scoring all bonus points as well. We talked during the break and I gave him some tactical advice, seeing him draw his next game and then a minor win on his last.

Round 2
Opponent: Austin
Army: Nids

Austin is a good player, he has all the armies, and I mean all the armies. However, it came down to high toughness vs. weapons that don't care about toughness and have a high fire volume. He played his best but we called it in Turn 4...I lost a Ravager, Venom, a couple of wyches. I tabled him, with full battle points.

Round 3
Opponent: Travis
Army: Space Marines

Travis is a great guy. He talked a lot during the tournament and had some fun, we were glad to see each other at the final table. With the point spread known, we both were in the going to take first or second long as neither of us wiped. Well, we both planned on playing for the win, but after the 3rd round I had only made a couple of saves, I switched to a stance of....GET POINTS FAST!!! lol. I couldn't make a cover save or flicker field to save my life. So I started concentrating fire to each unit to get it to half strength and then move on to the next one. In the end, it paid off, I went from a minor loss to a draw...difference of only 245 points between us. Travis scored 1 extra victory point and myself scoring 2. At the time we thought this was correct, but after reading over Victory Points rules, it should have been about even.

The last game, the store owner had a point spread going on our game, lol. He figured we would draw with me taking 13 points and Travis having 11. It was just about that lol.

So in the end the points totaled up....

Myself in first w/ 62/73 BP
Travis in second w/ 56/73 BP
Austin (round 2 opponent) w/ 49/73 BP

It was a great tournament, tho a little small with only 10 people playing. Every player was talking and having fun, and the store owner was great about explain how the store was going to run the poorly worded scenarios. The only complaint I had was that some kid had broken the soda machine at the store a few days earlier by sticking gum to a quarter and jamming it in the money slot....need to have that kid face the judgement of the Inquisitors!!
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Chapter Master takes a trip to Statesboro, Ga
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