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 Tournament Do's/Don't

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PostSubject: Tournament Do's/Don't   Tournament Do's/Don't EmptySun Jul 24, 2011 1:58 pm

Okay...not a lot of us go to several tournaments during the "circuit season"....or even tournaments outside of the ones held at Morning Star. So I wanted to give you a few do's and don't that might help the games run smooth, stop a lot of confusion, and just help lead to a better overall experience. The basic items you will need for a tournament are at least 4 copies of your list, dice, models, templates, tape measure, pen/paper and cash. Next is a few tips and tricks on having a smooth tournament.

1. Personal Grooming goes a long way. The area is going to be cramped, and with a lot of people, your going to sweat. Take a shower and wear deodorant. Wear clothes that breathe...t-shirt and jeans are good. Lastly, your going to be on your feet a shoes are going to be better choice then dress shoes. If you smoke like I do...breath mint, and maybe a small travelers can of frebreze is normally well appreciated.

2. Army List are key as well. Having them handwritten isn't going to cut it, most tournaments require typed or even better is Army Builder. Bring a copy for the judges to have, a copy for yourself, and a copy for each opponent to take home.

3. Organize your models. I bought a small breakfast tray at Target for 5.99. It works wonders when I can just easily put my models back on the tray in a specific order and have them ready for the next match. If you carry around battle foam, then try to keep everything in a unit together. It also makes it easier to tell your KP for a match as well.

4. Rolling your dice is big deal, it decides if something should happen or not. When rolling to hit. I roll the dice, picking out my misses...this allows my opponent to verify my rolls. Only after all misses have be cleared, I go over it a second time to make sure I got them all. When rolling, do it where your opponent can see away from the model near the mid point of the table, except when rolling to scatter. When rolling to scatter, don't roll the 2d6 along with the scatter die. First roll the scatter dice as close to the marker or model as possible, if you miss...then you both have a better view as to which direction something is going. Then roll 2d6 or d3 or d6 and measure. This is a lot bigger deal then some people think...

5. Misunderstanding happen a lot in games. Some people have a lot of armies, or even just 2 and that can lead to confusing situations. Take IG...your Veteran Squad Shoot at BS4, but the Chimera they are riding in are BS3, sometimes you might make a mistake as to its hit rolls, and this is going to happen. Some rules on how things work is so confusing you need a English Degree or sometimes a Physics Major to figure out some things. When things like this happen, don't assume your opponent is cheating and make a big scene about it, just ask how something works and get them to show you the codex. The nicest way when I have an idea my opponent is doing something wrong is to make a statement.."Huh, didn't think it worked like that, can I see codex, cause that pretty cool.". Now after looking up the rule and pointing out my opponent was wrong, I tell them "Ya the wording on that is weird" or "Ya unfortunately it got changed with the new edition". Common mistake or misunderstanding happen, but if you fly off the handle at every mistake, your not going to have a good time, and neither are your opponents. Sometimes your right, but if your wrong then at least you learn something and didn't put your opponent in a mood that he is doing something wrong.

6. Agree on things beforehand. If there is terrain, define what it is, how you move thru it, and what cover saves it gives. This will save a lot of headaches. Sometimes you can disagree on how a piece of terrain is played, but its better to work those out beforehand then when it counts. Flat-top hills and Landing Pads are big ones. I like to think that a hill with a flat top is difficult terrain, providing a 4+ cover save. The hill I like to imagine has trees and places to hide, but for the purposes of making it easy to play, you just removed the trees and made it flat. Other people play that it is difficult to go up or down, but moving on the flat isn't. Sometimes they give a 5+ cover, and sometimes no cover at all. Agree on it before it causes a problem. This also goes for other things such as powers and wargear. Check the FAQs, check the rules, ask a judge, and if all else fails roll a dice each and the winners way goes. If you know a rule is being heavily debated, don't hide it, explain it. This makes the game run a lot sooner.

7. If your not playing the game, be silent on tactics, but helpful on rules. If you finish your game early, look around and see other tables, but do so carefully. I was mad about a player's actions against me for a long time because if he finished early, he would come over and give my opponent tips and tactics to help them against me. In a friendly game I wouldn't have minded, but this was a tournament. If this happens to you, stop the game, ask the person to politely leave the area, if he refuses, then call over a judge. I have done this a lot against teammates of a bunch of areas. They are so used to friendly games where advice and tactics are given between friends they don't think about the new stranger that is across the tables. Most times if I finish early, I take a minute to walk around silently or ask a friend "how's it going?" then I find a spot to sit, go get a drink, or go outside to smoke and wait. Its better most of the time to just not be at your friend's side during gameplay, but rather waiting to hear the results.

8. Custom models need to be clear to play before. I know a lot of us want to be able to show off our cool conversion, but clear them with a judge well before hand. Some units have no model, and you are allowed to make custom conversions, these are great. But if you make a Tervigon the size of a Trygon...people are going to have problems with this. Small conversions are normally okay, but if it get confusing to your opponent or doesn't resemble what the model should look like, don't get mad when you are told to make another proxy, or that your model cannot be used.

9. Keep your cool. Sometimes the dice gods are not there for you when you really need them. Blame luck, not your opponent. We don't use sportsmanship points a lot in our local tournaments for a reason...people who have a bad game or bad luck will mark their opponents off because of this. I was in a tournament where I scored a perfect 90 points on Victories. Most of my games were well played and fun or funny to both myself and my opponent, but one wasn't. My opponent failed every difficult terrain roll, got first turn stolen, and couldn't roll a +2 save if his life depended on it. So how did he rate our game.....0, which caused me to finish 7th rather then 1st. Sportsmanship scores I do not like because of this. Could he have beaten me, yes, but because he felt that lady luck had cheated him, i was going to pay. He didn't care about me letting him move his rhino all the way onto the table to prevent him from losing both the rhino and unit inside. He did care about me letting him do a lot of iffy moves, or shots. He just didn't have a good game, and it had to be my fault. I talked with him, I talk with a judge about it, but in the end, he just packed up and left the tournament mad about his loss, and me mad that because he wasn't a sportsman, it reflected on my score.

10. Last big piece of advice is about conversions during game time. Turn your phone to silent or vibrate, don't start up a conversion with the guy behind you making your opponent have to clear his throat to get your attention back to him. Talking with your opponent is great, but make sure you do so while keeping the game moving along. Most games I see that go to there time limit are mostly because of phone calls or chit-chat that while can be done, are stopping the game from moving ahead. The others can mostly be prevented by my earlier rules...i.e. be organized, have models ready to go, bring plenty of dice, and agreeing on terrain and power.

Well hope this helps.....
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Tournament Do's/Don't
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