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 2011 Ard Boyz Prelimary Results

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2011 Ard Boyz Prelimary Results Empty
PostSubject: 2011 Ard Boyz Prelimary Results   2011 Ard Boyz Prelimary Results EmptyMon Apr 18, 2011 3:44 pm

Ard Boyz Results

From Event Grots E-mail......

Well folks it was an Awesome Day of Gaming!

Mighty Armies took the field, Dragons Laid waste to massed hoards, canons and arrows darkened the sky, Powerful mages channeled incredible magic. In the end only the most valiant, most battle hardened were standing, with Banners held high in triumph.

There was over 23,000 points of Warhammer Fantasy massed upon the table top fields of Morning Star Games. High Elves, Dark Elves, Dwarfs, Daemons, Orcs , Goblins, and Men, all took the up arms for Glory.

The Top Final places were,

1st Alex S. -Dark Elves
2nd Jon w. -Daemons of Chaos
3rd Mike C.- High Elves
4th Devon - Darl Elves
5th Jason - Orcs and Goblins
6th Lee- Dwarfs
7th Troy- Orcs and Goblins
8th Danielle- Bretonnians

There was much fun had all round, and more to come.

On May 21st Warhammer Fantasy Ard Boyz Semi Finals will be held at Morning Star Games!

So to our finalists prepare your armies for the next round!. Those of you who didn't make it or didn't have a chance to compete, there may still be a chance to try your metal at Ard Boyz. As there will be only a limited number of slots for the semi finals any not filled will be offered to lower ranked players and after that to players that might not have had a chance to play in the preliminary rounds.

Again Great Job to all that participated!
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2011 Ard Boyz Prelimary Results
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