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 Ard Boyz Scenarios

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Chapter Master Christian

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Ard Boyz Scenarios Empty
PostSubject: Ard Boyz Scenarios   Ard Boyz Scenarios EmptyWed Jul 27, 2011 10:55 pm

Okay so the game is a foot...and a hand...and whatever got blasted over the hill...anyways, now that we know the rules, what do you guys think?

My take:

Scenario #1

Think 5 Kill Points is a little high, should have been like 2. Mostly standard rules, night fight on a pitch battle for round one is interesting.

Scenario #2

I think they made a mistake here. They should have the deployment zone objectives are worth one point, but they said your table quarter. Does this mean my opponents table quarter is worth 0?

Outflanking and Infiltrate rules cannot be used....interesting. Also, night fighting on Turn 6....okay?

Scenario #3

VP game...woot!!!


The double the points on the general is going to be harsh on some people. Probably not going to see the Nightbringer or Deceiver

Well that is my take on it....what's yours
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Ard Boyz Scenarios
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