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 Common Misplay Rules..

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Chapter Master Christian

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Common Misplay Rules.. Empty
PostSubject: Common Misplay Rules..   Common Misplay Rules.. EmptyMon Jul 11, 2011 12:29 pm

After the last tournament I thought it be a good idea to list some common rules that are a little confusing and commonly played wrong.

1) When an ordnance weapon hits a vehicle, if the center hole is not on the vehicle, it is half str. but still rolls 2d6 for AP, taking the highest dice.

2) Death Company must take the shortest path to the nearest enemy unit, you cannot have them go around terrain to avoid terrain tests in the movement phase.

3) When a vehicle goes flat out, and is immobilized in the opponents shooting phase, it is destroyed. If it is a transport vehicle the unit must then disembark. If it is destroyed due to dangerous terrain test in your movement phase, then both the transport and the embarked unit are destroyed.

4) If a vehicle explodes, the unit inside does not get to take a cover save against the wounds cause by the explosion.

5) Disembarking counts as moving for heavy weapons, they cannot fire.

6) When using SW split fire ability, you must note the 2 targets and how many of the unit is firing at each target before rolling.

7) If shooting a template weapon, it cannot touch another model in the firing unit.

8 ) Abilities that call for a model to be removed from play cannot be allocated, the model that tests is the one removed.

9) Cover save granted by Big Mek's KFF is 5+ for infantry units, not 4+....unless it is a vehicle.

10) Barrage Weapons count the center hole as the point the weapon is shot from

11) Moving a Vehicle Flat-Out as a Scout move does not give the vehicle a cover save...Big One I know, but the rules say that if a vehicle moves flat out in the previous movement phase. As there has been no movement phase...does not give cover save. *GW revisited this in the new FAQ...scout move now do give vehicles cover saves.

12) If a unit is in a vehicle, then fails its pinning test, you still have to take a leadership test if call for at the end of the shooting phase. If the unit falls back, then rallies, it is free to act normally during the next turn.

13) If a vehicle moves 6" then embarked troops may fire using firing points. However if the vehicle moves 12", embarked units may not fire, even if it is a fast vehicle. The unit has to disembark to fire.
Feel free to list others.....
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Common Misplay Rules..
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