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 Mike Baker new to Savannah GA

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PostSubject: Mike Baker new to Savannah GA   Sun Jun 19, 2011 10:16 pm

Hi All,
My name is Mike Baker, I have been involved with the CSRA Gamers Association in Augusta, GA and have been Co Director of Siege of Augusta for the past few years.

Recently I relocated to Savannah for a new job and I am looking to build the gaming community here. There is a great potential gamng community here between Hunter, the 3rd ID, SCAD, and AAU.

I play Dystopian Wars, Lord of the Rings, Stirke Legion, Memoir 44, Flames or War, and Squad Leader. If you like 40K, then I would like to give you a run through Great War, GW's WW1 game. Plays like 40K IG without as much armor. Great game and lost of fun.

You can find my game collection here... What would you like to play?

Board Game Geek Collection
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PostSubject: Re: Mike Baker new to Savannah GA   Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:28 pm

Welcome to the site and welcome to Savannah!

I for one only do 40K, but there's enough other weirdos that play other games you should find yourself some amusement Razz
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Mike Baker new to Savannah GA
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