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 Forum Posting Rules.....

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Chapter Master Christian
Chapter Master Christian

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Forum Posting Rules..... Empty
PostSubject: Forum Posting Rules.....   Forum Posting Rules..... EmptyThu Apr 14, 2011 5:28 am

The following rules as in place to ensure that everyone can enjoy using this forum;

1. No Foul Language, Racial Slurs or Libel (defamation of someone in forms other then spoken) will be tolerated on these boards. This is an offense that will get you permanently banned from this board for the first offense.

2. No posting of sexual material, to include avatar, signatures, text, or pics will be posted on these boards. This is an offense that will get you permanently banned from these boards and possibly a visit from the police.

3. Please refrain from posting rumors or gossip that is unrelated to the games. This is not the place for these types of conversations.

4. Any transactions posted on this board is done at your own risk, this includes any trades, purchases of items or services, and agreement made on this website. I urge everyone to refrain from doing business with anyone that you cannot meet face to face. If you take a risk and get burned by it, it is no one's fault but your own.

5. The Event Grot and I reserve the right to delete or lock any post that is misleading, overly aggressive, or unproven in its content. Civil disagreement are allowed, but will not be allowed to go outside of the realm of debate. The posting of terroristic threats or violence against an individual will get you banned and copies of the post will be forwarded to the local police department.

Using these boards is something that I feel will help us all get together to enjoy the games that we play, meet others with similar interests, and help to foster new members of our community. However, the use of this board is a privilege not a right. Thank you for reading.

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Forum Posting Rules.....
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