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 July 21 Random Escalation Tournament 1250/1500/1750

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Ghenghis Jon

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July 21 Random Escalation Tournament 1250/1500/1750 Empty
PostSubject: July 21 Random Escalation Tournament 1250/1500/1750   July 21 Random Escalation Tournament 1250/1500/1750 EmptySat Jul 13, 2013 9:52 am

Official Announcement Link

Galactic Comics and Games in Stateboro will be hosting a Fantasy Tournament on Sunday, July 21, at 1030 AM.

"The High Road or The Low Road"
3 Round Warhammer Fantasy Tournament, $10 Entry Fee
Each player will bring a 1250 Point army and two (2) 250 Point Reinforcement Forces. See rules below for "Reinforcements"!!
As your reinforcements attempt to make their way to the field of battle, which will arrive first? Will they be in time to turn the tide of battle?

Round 1 - 1250 Points
Round 2 - 1250 Points plus one of your reinforcement forces randomly chosen
Round 3 - 1250 Points plus both reinforcement forces for a total of 1750 Points

250 Point Reinforcement Rule - "units" in the "Reinforcement Force" may be single models. They may be whole units or models to be added to already fielded units. They may NOT replace a fielded model nor upgrade a fielded model. Remember when adding a "Reinforcement Force" to your standing army the "Point Totals" must be a legal force organization.

Example - part of a reinforcement force for Empire may include 4 Greatswords & 1 Greatsword Champion (to fill out an already fielded unit of Greatswords). It may NOT include a Level 3 Wizard "to replace" a fielded Level 2 Wizard.
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July 21 Random Escalation Tournament 1250/1500/1750
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